Worst Brother on Earth Fucked by Muscle Hunk

Her Boyfriend’s Parting Gift – Matty Strong Fucks Lucas Leon

Straight Guy Fucks Ex-Girlfriend’s Brother

Some dumb bitch wasn’t giving it to muscle stud Matty Strong, so her brother (theoretically), Lucas Leon, decides to take it upon himself and cock into himself to help the hunk out. Not wasting anytime after Matty breaks the news of the break up, Lucas jumps at the chance to jump the straight guy. Lucas grabs Matty’s junk and promises the blowjob of his life. That’s highly suspect, considering I’m not there to perform it. The winged wonder performs his superb sucking, then wants a pounding! Who could blame him? I’d claw my sister’s eyes out for a piece too. Making it look as if all it takes is the saliva from a 2-min-blow, Matty slides his hot cock right into Lucas tight ass and gives the boy a good anal fucking. Matty is totally my type with a chiseled body and a strong face.  That alone puts the three in this 3-1/4 LOAD scene from Next Door Studios as Matty Strong fucks Lucas Leon raw and it’s pretty hot.

Matty Strong fucks Lucas Leon Gallery (Next Door Raw)


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